PS3 Still Sruggling in Japan

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PS3 Still Sruggling in Japan

Post  ConorBuckley on Fri Nov 16, 2007 9:27 am

November 15, 2007 - The DS Lite regained the top spot in Japanese hardware sales during October 2007 after PSP claimed the title in September. According to Famitsu, the dual screens moved 318,000 units last month. Sony's handheld wasn't far behind, though, with 279,000 sold. The portable duo left all the home consoles in the dust.

The Wii came in a distant third with 110,415 units sold. The numbers drop off considerably from there: 47,183 for the PlayStation 3, 45,447 for the PS2, and 18,717 for the Xbox 360.

Fun fact: the 360 has now sold more units than the original Xbox in Japan. Cumulative sales of the current-gen system stand at 474,000 -- 1,000 more than the Xbox. The 360 only has two games in the Top 50, though: Beautiful Katamari at #36, and Halo 3 at #47.

The DS moved the most software during October as well, by quite a large margin. Just over a million, to not be exact. Coming in second with around half that amount in sales was the PS2 with 562,800 units. The PSP moved 301,800 UMDs, and the Wii sold 243,800 bits of software. PS3 and 360 sold 73,500 and 32,500 discs, respectively.

The best-selling PS3 game last month was Lair, coming in at #18 overall.

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