PS3 Tops In Japan For November

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PS3 Tops In Japan For November

Post  ConorBuckley on Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:01 pm

November 30, 2007 - Sony's price drop over in Japan appears to have had some initial success. A report from Reuters, citing sales data from Enterbrain, places the PS3 at the top of the console heap for the month of November. The PS3, which saw its 40 gigabyte model ship at 39,980 yen on 11/11, sold 183,200 units, besting the Wii's 159,200.

This is the first time the PS3 has beaten the Wii in Japan since November of last year. The PS3 won that month, likely because the Wii hadn't been released yet.

Asked about the figures, Sony's PR division said to Reuters, "We weren't a part of the Enterbrain survey, and we don't know Nintendo's figures." To this, they added, "We do feel that the platform is heating up thanks to the availability of the 40 gigabyte system, the expanded software library, and the price drop."

The PS3 wasn't the biggest performer for the month overall, though. That honor went, once again, to the DS Lite, which sold 358,200 units over the month, beating out second place PSP's 266,100 units.

At the bottom of the chart was the Xbox 360, which sold 35,000 units. This is more than usual for the platform thanks to a spike in sales from a price drop early in the month and the availability of Ace Combat.

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