Singtar track pricing announced

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Singtar track pricing announced

Post  ConorBuckley on Wed Nov 14, 2007 3:15 pm

UK, November 14, 2007 - Sony has finally announced the track pricing for SingStar on PS3, with individual songs costing 99 pence in the UK and 1.49 Euros across the rest of Europe. In addition to the 30 songs included on the game disc, 44 tracks will be ready in time for the game's December 7 UK release date, which is somewhat short of the figure originally bandied around. However, SCEE has promised that its online SingStore will be regularly updated with new tracks, with "in excess of 350 songs available to download in the coming months".

The announcement is sure to please many SingStar fans as the pricing is in line with downloads from iTunes, which cost between 79-99p. The 44-strong online tracklist includes songs from the old PS2 SingStar games, as well as new tracks from Depeche Mode, the Manic Street Preachers and the Zutons. What's more, additional tracks will be available through SingStore from December 17, although the exact number and titles available in the update are still to be confirmed.

Having tested a beta version of the SingStore we can report that an average four-minute standard-definition song weighs in at about 50MB and shouldn't take longer than a few minutes to download if you have a decent broadband connection. Songs will available to download in packs too, although details of these have yet to be announced.

SingStar PS3 will ship on December 7 in the UK and December 12 across Europe, priced 24.99 GBP for the standalone game and 49.99 GBP including microphones. There's still no word on the arrival of wireless mics but we'll be quizzing the SingStar development team in the near future to hopefully get some answers.

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