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Pay For The Pain

Post  ConorBuckley on Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:14 pm

November 30, 2007 - The Pain news keeps on coming. As IGN reported earlier, two of the in-game characters -- Santa and the curvy Cookie -- are giving gamers error messages when folks try to play as the Christmas-themed duo. The ensuing note asks that PS3 owners reinstall the game, Sony's latest downloadable title that has players launching a character and banking points on how much damage the human projectile does.

However, Travis Williams, a senior producer with Sony Computer Entertainment America, has posted an entry on the game's official website stating that the problem stems from Santa and Cookie being "purchasable characters."

"When we posted Pain, Santa and Cookie were not uploaded to the PlayStation Store," Williams wrote. "Once the store has Cookie and Santa, they will appear as purchasable characters. Sorry about this confusion everyone."

Pain's latest characters will be available sometime today for 99 cents(US) each.

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