Rock Band Dosn't Care for Les Paul

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Rock Band Dosn't Care for Les Paul

Post  ConorBuckley on Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:30 am

November 19, 2007 - Sad news PS3 owners. Though we were lead to believe otherwise, the Guitar Hero III wireless Les Paul does not work with the PS3 version of Rock Band. After plugging in the GHIII dongle, you will discover that Rock Band in fact accepts the guitar inputs in the main menu. Don't be fooled. Rock Band recognizes the GHIII guitar merely as a controller (not a guitar) and will ask you to plug in a USB mic to continue. There is no option to force Rock Band to recognize the Les Paul controller as a guitar. The reasoning for this is unclear, since the GHIII controller works fine with Rock Band on Xbox 360.

Representatives for Harmonix and Red Octane were unavailable at the time of publish. However, we hope to get official word on why the GHIII controller doesn't work with Rock Band on PS3 soon. Let's hope a title update can be made to allow the Les Paul to be recognized as a guitar controller in Rock Band. Otherwise, there is no way for gamers to purchase a second guitar for Rock Band without buying the entire Rock Band bundle again.

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