PS Store Update 15/11/07

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PS Store Update 15/11/07

Post  ConorBuckley on Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:08 pm

This is the official PS Store update for 15/11/07.

- Mesmerize Trace (PlayStation Eye) (1.99)

- Stranglehold Demo (Free)

- MotorStorm Big I Bunny and Numskull (1.49)

Game Videos
- Uncharted a Living Environment (Free)
- Riff Everyday Shooter Trailer (Free)
- Blazing Angels 2 Trailer (Free)
- PS3 TV Commercial (Free)

Movie Trailers
- Wall-E (Free)

North America

- Toy Home (Free)
- Blazing Angels 2 (Free)

Game Videos
- Playstation Network Video (Free)
- Toy Home Video (Free)
- PAIN Launch Trailer (Free)
- High Velocity Bowling Trailer (Free)
- Ratchet & Clank BTS: Animation (Free)
- Ratchet & Clank BTS: Gameplay (Free)
- Uncharted: DF Meet the Dogs video (Free)
- Time Crisis 4 Trailer 2 (Free)
- Burnout Paradise Ultimate Driving Trailer (Free)
- Battlefield: Bad Company Teaser Trailer (Free)
- Timeshift FPS Differently Trailer 1 (Free)

Movie Trailers
- The Dark Knight (Free)
- This Christmas (Free)
- David Gilmour - Remember That Night (Free)

And thats all for this week. Enjoy Very Happy

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